5 Reasons to Replace Your HVAC System When Renovating

Published 7/25/2022

There are many factors to consider when making plans for major renovations in your home or business. Whether you are planning to expand the square footage of your space or are perhaps simply knocking down some walls for layout changes, it is likely that a new HVAC system is a necessary step in your renovation plans.

Before you start your next major renovation, make sure you consider these 5 factors before finalizing your construction plans:

1. Changes in building usage require changes in building ventilation

If you are in the process of renovating your home or business or are making changes to the way in which you use your space, you should be aware of the possible changes that will need to be made to your ventilation. For example, if you are making layout changes to a gym, you will need to consider how the cool air will circulate in a way that is beneficial to your members. There are many factors that can contribute to the way your building circulates air and controls temperature. No matter what changes you’re making, make sure that your HVAC system is prepared to adapt.

2. More occupants mean more cool air and less heat

If you’re expanding your home or office, it is often because you are making room for more people. When more bodies are sharing a space, this means the increase in body heat will be raising the temperature. When considering your HVAC system, you’ll need to make sure it can accommodate for more cool air in the summer and less potential heat in the winter.

3. A rise in energy-efficient materials could mean your HVAC needs adjusting

With the increasing prevalence of energy-efficient materials and construction practices, your HVAC system may need to adapt. More and more construction projects are turning to insulated windows and doors for draft prevention, which help to seal in hot and cold air more efficiently. LED lighting and modern wall insulation are also significantly reducing the amount of added heat in a space, meaning that your temperature control needs could change drastically.With the rise of these more energy-efficient options, many HVAC systems are far too large for the needs of the space they occupy. If your renovation project will be employing the use of energy-efficient materials then you may need to be cognizant of whether your HVAC has outgrown your needs in order to avoid wasting energy and money.

4. Changes to your interior could mean changes to duct work

Depending on your building’s architecture and your plans for renovation, it is important to consider the ventilation system that carries the heated and cooled air throughout your building. The layout of your ventilation system is a crucial factor to the overall comfort of your occupants and the needs of your business. Changes in air flow can occur from changing the layout of your walls or from simply adding more furniture or cubicles to a space. It is also important to keep in mind the proximity of your air vents to windows and doors in order to prevent energy consumption. When planning your renovations, it’s vital to have a plan for your duct system in order to prevent paying more in energy and avoid possible discomfort for your occupants.

5. Modified air flow can affect odor control

Keeping odor control in mind is especially important if you are running a restaurant, a fitness center, or are making changes to a restroom facility. Proper air flow is critical in spaces with a high volume of smells because if your air flow is insufficient, odors will linger and create an unpleasant experience for the occupants in your space.

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