Air Conditioner Cleaning

Published 5/12/2019

It’s heating up out there! Keep the heat out with your annual spring air conditioner cleaning. Mr. Duct knows your air conditioner is an investment and we want you to have reliability year after year. Proper air conditioner maintenance allows for many years of reliable cooling. Now is the time to have Mr. Duct do your annual air conditioner cleaning.

Mr. Duct’s air conditioning professionals check your air conditioner system is running properly and clean away any debris. Our air conditioner service technicians inspect, clean and tune your air conditioner unit to ensure optimum efficiency and longevity. We also look for any signs that could be problematic in the future.

What do Mr. Duct HVAC’s professionals look for?

  • Ensure the unit is operating normally by cycling through a brief call for air conditioning
  • If it is not, inform customer immediately and convert call to a repair with their permission
  • Remove and check furnace filter and return for debris and dirt
  • Inspect blower wheel and blower motor/fan belt
  • Clean and oil if necessary
  • Inspect condensate drain system
  • Clean interior and exterior of condenser cabinet of dirt and debris
  • Clean condenser coils
  • Check fan blade
  • Inspect refrigerant piping and insulation on suction line
  • Inspect all wiring and electrical connections
  • Check the draw of the electrical current (amperage)
  • Check refrigerant level using superheat or subcooling
  • Inform customer of any issues found, then secure all panels

Prevent your air conditioner from breaking down when you need it most to combat summer heat. Have a Mr. Duct HVAC professional perform a central air conditioner check to keep your home cool and pleasant this summer. Click here to schedule your appointment today.

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