Chiberia 2.0: Add Air Duct Cleaning to Your Home's Winter Checklist!

Published 11/13/2014

With a cold-snap fast approaching, we know that everyone in Chicagoland is scrambling to winter-proof their homes! However, there is one often overlooked item on every homeowner’s winter-proofing checklist: air duct cleaning.

Why is ventilation cleaning a necessary part of your winter maintenance routine? Periodic cleaning of your home's HVAC system can help to prevent the accumulation of pet dander, allergens, construction debris, and other dirt particulates.

Think about it - Chicagoland has been nicknamed "Chiberia" during the bitterly cold winter months and the amount of time your family is going to spend indoors is set to double very soon. Indoor activities may increase dust accumulation in your system. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average home accumulates about 40 pounds of dust per year! 

An increase in ventilation dust build-up usually means a decrease in the warm airflow that will keep your family comfortable all winter long. Combined with the prospect of holiday visits from potentially allergy-sensitive relatives like Grandma and Little Timmy and you can see why air duct cleaning is so essential to an efficient, warm Chicagoland home. 

Now, why should you trust Mr. Duct for your residential ventilation cleaning service? Simple!

  • We’re Certified! Mr. Duct is certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), guaranteeing that the service we provide will clean and restore the integrity of your ductwork. The NADCA protocol is set to protect consumers against "blow-and-go" companies who use inadequate equipment and methods AND is the only method of ventilation cleaning approved by the EPA.
  • Seriously, We’re Certified! In addition to NADCA certifications, our technicians are also HVAC certified, guaranteeing that each of member of our team really know the ins and outs of your ventilation system. Their level of expertise, along with Mr. Duct’s tough cleaning standards, means that your home will always be in capable, reliable hands.
  • We’re Local! Mr. Duct has local offices throughout Chicagoland, so we are just a call away.  Each cleaning crew has years of vent cleaning experience under their belts and have service times down to a science. This means you can count on thorough and time-efficient service that won’t affect your busy holiday schedule.
  • We’re Committed! Being a part of the community means that we don’t just disappear after the service is complete. Our motto has always centered on upfront and honest pricing and unparalleled service.  There are no unfair up-charges, no add-ons, no travel fees, and no excuses. Our goal has always been to be one of Chicagoland’s most trusted ventilation cleaners and you can’t earn that title without guaranteeing great service and accountability. 

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