Cut Heating Costs During the Winter Months

Published 1/9/2018

Have you noticed your heating costs rising over the last few months? Winter weather always seems to sneak up on us, and when it sets in, we feel it both in the air and our wallets. Now that winter is in full swing, there are a few ways you can help reduce your costs of heating and ensure your home is as efficient as possible.

1. Furnace Cleaning

Having your furnace serviced annually can prevent breakdowns, increase efficiency, and extend the life of your unit. When your furnace is running efficiently, not only will your home stay warm, it will keep warm for less. Annual furnace cleaning will save you money in the short term on your energy bill and in the long term, as it will help to extend the life of your furnace and reduce repairs.

2. Lower Your Thermostat

After your annual furnace cleaning, make sure to bring your thermostat down a few degrees whenever you leave the house for more than a few hours. This can help reduce the cost of heating without affecting you or your family. Another way to further reduce your heating cost is to also reduce the heat settings while you are asleep. 

A quick way to offset the cooler air from lowering your thermostat at night is to switch out your typical linen sheets for a warmer flannel material. Bringing your home’s temperature down a few degrees will not only cut energy costs but will keep your furnace working longer as maintaining high temperatures can be a burden on your unit.

3. Keep Curtains in Check

Opening your curtains during the day can allow sunlight to shine in and provide natural warmth throughout your home. However, when the sun doesn’t shine in at night, your home is more perceptible to the cold air. Close your curtains in the evening hours to retain the warmth provided by the sun during the day.

4. Solar Heating

Adding solar heating units to your home is an efficient way to warm your home without racking up heating costs during the winter months. Solar heating combined with your HVAC unit will cut back the load taken on by your furnace. Also, solar heating doesn’t require annual furnace cleaning like your typical unit!

Heating your home during the cold Chicago winters can get expensive. Follow these simple tips to cut heating costs and remember to schedule your annual furnace cleaning with Mr. Duct to ensure that your home will be properly heated this season.

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