Help Prevent Unwanted Pests with Regular Duct & Vent Cleanings

Published 10/24/2022

rat in a vent Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units are one of the more critical systems within your home. Can you imagine not being able to turn up the heat in the winter or run the AC in the summer? Often, the ability to comfortably control the temperature in a dwelling is overlooked and taken for granted. However, some unwelcomed potential inhabitants of your home will take extraordinary measures to access your heat and cool air.

Insects and other pests like mice do not have the luxury of immediate accessibility to a temperature-controlled climate. They will take every opportunity to infiltrate your home, especially your HVAC ducts, for relief from the outdoor conditions. Pests within your home and ducts can be a danger and health risk to your family. Insects and mice carry diseases that can spread quickly, especially when introduced in ducts. Rodents can chew wires, create nests that become fire hazards, and bring in moisture.

Regular inspection and cleaning of your home’s vents and ducts significantly reduces the risk of pest infestation and helps identify any problem before becoming a more significant issue.

If your ducts have had previous issues with rodents and insects, it is also important to have those areas thoroughly cleaned. Mice can leave urine, feces, food, hair, diseases, and other debris in your ducts. Likewise, insects can carry diseases and be a food source for larger vermin.

Keep your family safe and your home in good condition by having your ducts regularly cleaned.

Mr. Duct is certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), and all our technicians are HVAC certified.

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