How to Stay Cool this Summer

Published 7/10/2019

Summer is the best time for family activities, but expenses can add up! Plus, your electric bill isn’t getting any cheaper when you have to crank up the AC. This summer, try using these 3 tips to save on your electric bill and put your savings toward fun summer activates.

Tips to Keep your Family Cool While Maintaining a Reasonable Electric Bill:

1. Install a Smart Thermostat
Smart is an understatement when it comes to how intelligent these devices really are. Smart thermostats study your household and adjust to your ideal temperature to ensure your home is just like you like it. Have a change of plans and are coming home sooner than normal? Your smart phone or laptop can easily adjust your AC so you can have a cool house when you get home. Smart thermostats use less energy which reduces your carbon footprint and saves the environment while saving money.

2. Change Your AC Filter
Did you remember to check your AC filter before your family cranked it this summer? Take a few minutes to check out your filter, see if it needs to be changed or cleaned. The less barriers between your home and cold flowing air is better. If your AC unit is dirty or clogged it will work harder which will increase usage and bills. Also, dirty filter can lead to dirty air flowing throughout your home and nobody likes to be sick.

3. Check Air Flow
Is the AC flowing efficiently throughout your home? Wander your way around your house and make sure vents are obstruction-free. Don’t waste your cool air on a herd of stuffed animals. Close vents and doors in rooms you are not using regularly. Plus, sometimes your AC needs a little help. Turn on your ceiling fan to stir up the cold air from the vents, and keep your home cooler with less work on your air conditioner.

Stop pinching pennies for fun summer vacations and excursions because your air conditioner is eating your money. If you want to be sure your AC is running at its full potential give the professionals at Mr. Duct Heating & Air Conditioning a call at 1-888-4-MRDUCT or click here to schedule an appointment today!

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