Key Signs Your Furnace Needs Servicing

Published 3/21/2022

Like any other appliance in your home, furnaces can run into many problems, especially the older they get. Although some furnace issues can occur without warning, often there are indicators or signs you will notice, knowing it is time for service. Below are some key signs your furnace may need professional service from the experts at Mr. Duct Heating and Air Conditioning.

Flickering Lights When Furnace Kicks On

If your lights flicker each time your furnace kicks on, this is a good indicator of a circuit overload or exposed wires. Electrical circuit overloads can occur if light fixtures are running on the same circuit as your heater. An HVAC specialist will be able to determine whether your heater is connected to an electrical circuit or breaker. Exposed wires on your furnace’s power cord are hazardous as they can cause electrical fires. Electrical fires can spread quickly. If you see exposed wires, call Mr. Duct for emergency HVAC servicing.

Furnace Cycling Too Frequently

Nowadays, all furnaces are engineered to shut on and off once they have reached a set temperature or before they overheat, called cycling. If you notice your furnace cycling too often, this is a sign your furnace is working harder than it should be to maintain the right temperature. If you have recently changed the air filter, and still notice the rapid cycling, you should call one of our professional HVAC specialists.

Strange Noises Coming From Furnace

It is normal to hear your furnace kick on, but if it is continually making loud noises, this can be a sign of a serious problem. Rattling, popping, or banging sounds indicate there may be an issue with the pilot light or burner. Whistling or squealing noises primarily suggest a problem with your furnace belt or fan. Loud groaning or clanging sounds can indicate a loose or broken component inside your furnace. When an HVAC specialist comes to inspect your system, it is helpful to describe the sounds your furnace has been making to determine the issue.

Abnormal Furnace Odors

You may notice your furnace may smell a bit when you first turn it on each year. This smell usually goes away as your unit continues to run. If your furnace or air ducts are dirty, it may smell like something is burning. Once you have your furnace and air ducts professionally cleaned by Mr. Duct, the odor should dissipate. If you smell a strong, gas-like stench near your furnace or an odor that suddenly appears and does not go away, call Mr. Duct right away.

If you detect any of these signs of trouble with your furnace, please contact the experts at Mr. Duct Heating & Air Conditioning

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