Save Money this Winter

Published 9/21/2015

If you are avoiding cleaning your air ducts and HVAC system due to the cost, you are actually making a very expensive mistake.

By keeping your HVAC system clean, it runs more smoothly and takes less work to warm your home efficiently. This means you’re using less energy daily – cutting the cost of your heating bills and leading to overall savings.

If you neglect your air ducts and HVAC system, you’re increasing the risk of costly repairs and problems in the near future. Buildup can cause fires, putting your home and your family in danger. A more common effect of dirty vents is poor indoor air quality, which could lead to cold and allergy-like symptoms, potentially keeping your family home for work or school.

Don’t wait to have your ducts cleaned – act now to make sure you’ll be well-prepared when winter arrives. To make sure you’re saving money for the important things this holiday season, schedule a consultation with the experts at Mr. Duct today. You’ll find you spend less money overall and increase your family’s quality of life!

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