Signs of Mold

Published 11/1/2017

Every homeowner wants to create a safe environment for their family. The thought of mold is something no family wants to ever encounter. Although most are aware of the risks, mold is not always noticeable and can be within your ventilation system making it hard to locate. Here are some clues to help you know if mold may be lurking in some unknown place in your house.


One of the most common ways mold can be discovered is through smell. If you begin to smell a “musty” scent, there’s a good chance mold may be somewhere in your house. It’s important you do not ignore this clue and get your house inspected as soon as possible.

Visual Signs

Visible mold can be a very clear indication that your house may be suffering from mold. Surprisingly, individuals often ignore it because they believe it’s so small to affect anyone or may just be dirt. If you see any signs of mold you should take action immediately. 

Water Issues

Water issues such as moisture problems or previous water leaks can cause mold in your house. One sign is if you begin to see stains or discoloration on walls or floors. Leaks from sinks or pipes can cause water to begin to mold as well. If you have experienced leakage or flooding in the past it’s important to inspect your house for any possible mold signs.

Mold can cause a variety of problems for homeowners and their families. Unfortunately, mold is not the easiest to always recognize. It’s important to keep an eye out for clues mold gives you and act fast to remove it. If you suspect you have mold growing due to inadequate ventilation, you can count on the experts at Mr. Duct to clean your ventilation systems including your air ducts and furnace leaving your family worry free once again.

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