Spring Duct Cleaning

Published 3/12/2019

We have all heard of spring cleaning, but our air ducts are often overlooked on this to-do list. This March, Mr. Duct encourages you to schedule your spring duct cleaning because of the benefits it will provide to your home and your health.

Improve Air Quality

Over the winter, dry air has allowed dust and dander to build up in your home’s ventilation system. Come spring time and the use of your central air conditioning, these contaminates will become airborne throughout your home. Breathing in these elements may spread illness and make it even harder for family members with asthma or COPD. By getting your ducts cleaned now, you can remove dust and dander from your home and improve the overall air quality.

Minimize Household Chores

Not only will cleaning your ducts in the spring improve the overall air quality of your home, it will also reduce the need for routine cleaning throughout your home. Clean ducts minimize the spread of dust and dander through your ventilation system which means that your home will be less dusty and dirty. Regular dusting and vacuuming will be minimized because your vents will no longer be pushing that build up throughout your home. Getting your ducts cleaned in the spring will therefore check several tasks off of your spring-cleaning to-do list.

Avoid Costly Repairs

Cleaning your ducts this spring will improve air quality and reduce your spring-cleaning checklist, but will also be essential to the longevity of your air ducts. Cleaning your ducts every three to five years will keep them work properly and avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Without regular maintenance, your air ducts will deteriorate over time and result in costly repairs in the future. Make sure to get your air ducts cleaned now, and your wallet will thank you later.

Your spring-cleaning checklist may be a lengthy one, quickly and easily check off duct cleaning from your list with the help of Mr. Duct. Schedule your spring duct cleaning appointment today!

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