Temperatures are on the Rise, Check Your Air Conditioner!

Published 5/12/2014

Two weeks into May and finally temperatures are getting warmer. After the harsh winter this is a warm welcome. After a rough winter like that it is finally time to begin starting out door projects and enjoying the warm weather. However there is one piece of equipment that is vital to having a comfortable home this summer, that was left in the cold all winter long!

That is right we are talking about your Air conditioning unit, unfortunately they have to sit outside in the cold weather all winter. This can lead to many problems this summer as the need for cooling increases. The warm air today reminded us to expect these days till hopefully October. We don't want anyone to have to endure a hot home this year so this is our friendly reminder that it is a great idea to have your A/C cleaned and checked prior to its stressful months. This is to detect any problems the A/C may encounter soon as well as make sure it is running at par. Our A/C service makes sure your Air conditioner is going to make it through summer, trust me you'll thank us for preventing a break down.

Another main cause of unevenly cooled homes in summer is dirty air ducts. Now is a great time to have Mr. Duct come out to your home to perform air duct cleanings and dryer vent cleanings. These services make for a much more comfortable home atmosphere, as it makes the air in your home cleaner and allows for better air flow from your A/C unit. 

We hope you all have a magnificent summer and that you choose Mr. Duct, the most honest HVAC company around, for your air quality needs.  

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