Three Tips to Maintain Your Air Ducts After a Professional Cleaning

Published 7/24/2014

Vent cleaning can be a valuable investment for your home. Some homes can span the time in between cleanings all the way up to seven years. Here are some tips that may help reduce your need for air vent cleaning services after your most recent cleaning.
Change Your Filters Each Month
 Changing your filters regularly greatly reduces the amount of dust and debris that gets caught in your air vents.  Purchasing a quality, fabric filter tend to make a big difference compared to a cheaper, fiberglass filter.
Adding a scheduled reminder to your phone or calendar each month will help to remind you when to replace the filter.
Air Vents and Pets
 There are several ways to ensure air ducts stay clear in between professional duct cleanings.  Vacuuming carpets, or mopping hardwood floors a few times a week helps keep pet dander to a minimum. This simple task may also help kill anything associated with what your pet may carry into your home. Wiping any loose hair you see that may collect in or around air vents or grills a couple times a week may also elongate the time between duct cleanings.  Maintaining a home with a pet is an essential part of helping to maintain the cleanliness of your home’s duct system.
Additional Cleaning: Coils, the Blower Motor, Condensate Pan and Drain
 Every six months, it is important to clean your home’s coils, blower motor, condensate pan and drain, and interior housing of your air handler. This will not only save you money on air vent cleaning services, but also on your energy bill.  Because the coil can trap a large amount of contaminates, your energy bill has the potential to rise. Often, this is one of the main sources of mold in your air ducts.
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