What Goes into an AC Cleaning?

Published 5/2/2017

The hot and humid Midwest summers are almost upon us and now is the best time to prepare your air conditioner for the hard work ahead this season. Frequent air conditioner cleanings are essential to keep your unit running properly and functioning at optimum capacity. But what exactly happens during these annual cleaning services?

Step 1: Clean or Replace Filters

Your trusted Mr. Duct professional will first clean or replace your air conditioner filters to ensure that the ducts do not become clogged with dust and air flow is not restricted. This is also important because air conditioners push air through your environment and you and your family don’t want to be breathing in dust that was trapped in the filters!

Step 2: Clean Condenser Coils

AC cleaning professionals unclog any dirt or debris that has become caught in your condenser coils so that cooling can run at maximum efficiency.

Step 3: Check Coolant Lines

A trusted Mr. Duct cleaning professional always checks the coolant lines to make sure you’re getting the optimal cooling temperature you desire for your home.

Step 4: Test the AC Unit

The last step that your AC expert will take for your scheduled air conditioner cleaning is to test your unit. We make sure that your unit is functioning properly so that you can beat the heat this summer. If we find anything of concern or the unit is not running properly during the test, we will provide options to repair or replace your unit.

Schedule an AC cleaning appointment today to prepare your unit for the hot summer months ahead.

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