When is it time to replace your furnace?

Published 10/28/2013

Many homeowners have a difficult time identifying when it is time to begin thinking about furnace replacement. Homeowners should not wait till the furnace completely shuts down before getting the proper replacement.

Your furnace will display many signs before it breaks down. Some warnings signs that a homeowner should be looking out for are:

  • Increase in gas and electric bill.
  • Your furnace is 10 years or older.
  • Strange noises coming from the furnace.
  • You are constantly changing the settings with the thermostat to keep each room at a comfortable temperature.
  • Your burner flame is yellow instead of blue.
  • Your family has been feeling flu-like symptoms, having frequent headaches, burning feeling in nose and eyes, or feeling nauseous. (Should you experience these symptoms, air out your house, and immediately call a gas service technician)
  • Your home is dry or dusty, and has a lack of moisture.
Replacing a Furnace requires extensive research, choosing a reputable company to replace your furnace is the first place to start. A trustworthy company will have good standings on social media sites, consumer affairs office, and the Better Business Bureau. A good company will understand the importance of installing a furnace properly. If a furnace is installed improperly it can reduce the systems efficiency up to 30 percent. A professional company will come out and size your home appropriately. They will also provide you with a written proposal with the furnace cost, as well as how much you will be saving on bills. Lastly, only take advice from the heating & air conditioning experts.

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