When is it Time to Upgrade to Central Air?

Published 9/14/2023

Mr. Duct Upgrading to Central Air

Struggling with the best heating and cooling choice for your home? Many homeowners find themselves dealing with this very decision. Central air systems – also known as split-system air conditioners – offer several components and control humidity, air quality and airflow inside of your home.

This is the preferred system for many reasons, and if you haven’t switched to a central air conditioning and heating system yet, here’s why it might be the best time:

Efficient Humidity Control

Central air tops the list for regulating home humidity. It not only keeps moisture in check but also helps filter out pollutants. Compared to other options, like window units, central air wins hands down. Window units, especially if not installed correctly, can increase indoor humidity because they introduce moisture.

Centralized HVAC systems offer more precise moisture and humidity control. This means the thermostat controls the entire system operation for the house. Their advanced ventilation and airflow ensure an even temperature, which helps maintain consistent humidity levels.

Insulation and Cooling: A Perfect Pair

Performance and efficiency of cooling systems go hand in hand with insulation. Acting as a thermal shield, insulation slows heat transfer.

With proper insulation, a cooling system doesn't need to run constantly. This allows for reducing energy costs. By easing the load on cooling systems, insulation can also increase their lifespan.

For cooling, it blocks hot air from entering the home and keeps the cool air inside. The indoor unit that contains the evaporator coil and fan works to circulate the cooler air throughout the house for a more even distribution of air.

Cost-effective, Uniform Heating

Central air systems use a network of air ducts to spread heat evenly throughout the home, eradicating cold patches that isolated systems might leave. Designed with energy efficiency at their core, these systems can work seamlessly with programmable thermostats.

These thermostats optimize heating based on occupancy, ensuring energy isn't wasted. And while all heating setups need upkeep, a single, well-maintained central system often outlasts multiple individual units. There's also the benefit of maintaining one unit versus several.

When summer turns the heat up, these systems switch gears, offering a refreshing cool air to every room. Through the same network of ducts, cooled air wafts into spaces, maintaining a uniform, comfortable environment, despite the extreme heat outside.

Air quality also sees improvements from central systems. Built-in air filters work to reduce common allergens, dust and other particulates, ensuring the air you breathe is the clean. Regular filter changes, part of the system’s maintenance routine, means a healthier living environment with minimal irritants.

Simplicity and Aesthetics with Central Air

Central air systems, usually housed in basements, utility rooms, or outside, don't encroach upon living spaces. They're easy to use, modern in design, and quieter. In contrast, window units and baseboard heaters, though practical, come with challenges.

They need to be installed in multiple rooms, often impacting the home's look. Also, baseboard heaters, with their associated fire risks, require careful furniture placement.

With centralized heating, gone are the bulky window units or space heaters. Instead, subtle vents and a quiet operation keep comfort in the background, letting homeowners enjoy their spaces without temperature distractions.

Considering making the upgrade into central air? Mr. Duct are the experts that will make your installation to a centralized system seamless. Connect with us today to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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