Winter is Coming! Here’s How to Prepare Your Furnace

Published 10/25/2022

The colder months are coming up quickly, which means it’s time to start prepping your furnace now to avoid getting caught in the cold. Here is a comprehensive checklist to help you cover all your bases before the cold hits.

Turn On the Thermostat

It’s time to switch from A/C to heat, so let’s make sure your furnace is working. To check your furnace, bump up the heat a few degrees and wait about a minute. If you don’t hear the furnace kick on, then you may need to take the cover off your thermostat to make sure all the wires are connected and working properly. If the wires look good, then make sure your HVAC system's power supply is turned on. If none of this solves the issue, then check the furnace fan, blower, and heat. If none of that works or you would be more comfortable having a professional take a look, contact Mr. Duct for HVAC servicing.

Change the Air Filters

Your home most likely has vent grills in the ceiling or the walls, and behind those grills are air filters. Every few months, air filters need to be changed or cleaned so that air can run through them smoothly to heat your home properly. Changing your filters also keeps particles and debris from building up in your HVAC, extending your system's life. If your HVAC has a humidistat function, it is also a good idea to change your humidifier filters while you’re at it.

To prevent potentially dangerous particles from clogging your system, filters should ideally be cleaned or changed every month. You won't experience the benefits of warm air if the filter is unclean since it won't blow through the ductwork as it should, which can result in expensive damage to the unit.

Protect your Outdoor A/C Condenser

If you have a heat pump, you can skip this step. During the winter, protecting your AC condenser is essential for preventing damage to your unit.

In the winter, AC condensers are prone to damage from falling debris such as branches or icicles. To avoid expensive repairs, cover your condenser with something wooden or metal and secure it to prevent the wind from removing it. Never use a plastic tarp as this may cause moisture to build up and cause issues as the weather warms up.

If you would like assistance with protecting your AC condenser, contact an HVAC company like Mr. Duct to ensure your system is safe and secure all winter long.

Clean the Heat Exchanger

While your furnace is turned off, a certified HVAC technician should brush and vacuum your heat exchanger annually to maintain and prevent damage. A Mr. Duct HVAC specialist can inspect your furnace while checking your heat exchanger to ensure it is being cleaned for any possible carbon monoxide leaks or other harmful particles.

Clean and Lubricate the Blower Motor

As an extra precaution, it is always good to make sure your blower motor is running smoothly. To see if your motor requires lubrication, first examine the owner's manual. If lubrication is necessary, stop using the device, open the cover, and clean the bearing caps. After that, take off the caps and grease the bearings. Your blower motor should now be moving much easier.

Hire an HVAC Company to Inspect Your Furnace Today!

With some simple planning and professional furnace maintenance, your furnace will be capable of handling anything thrown its way this winter. If you have questions about furnace maintenance or want an expert HVAC company to prep your furnace for you, contact Mr. Duct today to schedule an appointment.

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