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Davis in Chicago, IL says:

"My wife and I bought a condo recently. First time home buyers. I was pumped to finally be able to confront the challenges of home-ownership...until they exceeded my abilities. The A/C died after about a month. Middle of July, 90 degrees and up. After doing some initial investigation myself I had discovered the evaporator coil was freezing up. I eliminated a few possible causes (dirty filter, dirt blocking the coil fins, busted compressor) I found I had reached the limit of what I could do with my skills and the tools on hand. I found Mr. Duct online. The reviews were pretty good, and it seemed like they weren't a big enough company that my business would be taken for granted or get lost in piles of paperwork. (I'm suspicious of large companies. Just how I am. don't judge me.) Called on Wednesday afternoon to see if they could drop by on Friday. They gave us a window of 12-2. I got a call before 2 saying the tech had run into some difficulties on a previous job and was running a little behind. Not thrilled, but these things happen. 2:30 and the tech was there. He checked the system, said the freon was low, charged the system, and said to let them know if performance dropped off later in the season because that could indicate a leak. Problem solved. A few hours later and my place is an ice box. Excellent! So, yeah, they were a little late, but the fix was fast and they checked in with me a few weeks later to see how things were going. I am Mr. Happy Guy."

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