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Hiring the Best Commercial Duct Cleaner for Your Business

  1. Can the company show proof of NADCA membership and certification?
  2. How long has the contractor been in the residential HVAC system cleaning business?
  3. Can the contractor provide you with evidence of the current Worker's Compensation and General Liability Insurance coverage? (Ask for Certificate of Insurance)
  4. Does the contractor posses the proper Licenses that are required by your city or state to perform the work they are proposing? (Not all cities or states require licenses - click here to check your state.)
  5. Can the contractor provide you with 3 to 5 customer references with phone numbers for projects of similar size and scope of work which they provided service in the last year?
  6. Does the contractor have written safety, respiratory, and confined space programs in addition to OSHA compliance reports?
  7. Will the contractor provide you with a means to conduct a visual inspection at any time during the cleaning? (Mirror and flashlight, camera or other remote visual systems)
  8. Will the contracting company actually do the work? (Some companies subcontract the work to independent contractors. You will want to apply these guidelines for subcontractors as well.)
  9. Will the company be assigning an Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) to your project that will be responsible for the complete project?
  10. If there is any remediation of mold or other biological contamination does the company have a Ventilation System Mold

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Determine if a Air Duct Cleaner You are Considering is Right for You

Air duct cleaning in relation to commercial and industrial sites often are accompanied by specific needs. Many worksites require specific health, safety, and billing procedures in order to meet corporate or city requirements. These factors can often lengthen and complicate the vendor selection process, but the following links should help simplify your search:

Choose Mr. Duct for Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Chicagoland's Most Trusted Commercial Duct Cleaning Provider!

Whether you are looking to improve your business' indoor air quality, save on energy, or both, Mr. Duct is Chicagoland's top commercial air duct cleaning service. Just as HVAC system designs vary from residential to commercial applications, so do air duct cleaning practices. Commercial HVAC systems are often more complex than traditional residential heating and cooling systems. We have extensive experience cleaning multi-zone, dual-duct, VAV boxes and mixing boxes, fire dampers, turning vanes, and penthouse/suspended air handler units, so you can trust in us to handle your HVAC system.

Commercial air duct cleaning also requires extensive knowledge of infection control procedures and protecting the well-being of employees, customers, students, patients, and more. We are mindful of every space we provide commercial HVAC system cleaning, following the guidelines set out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA), and Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Health Care Organization (JCAHO).

Given the complexities of commercial air duct cleaning, we develop a comprehensive quotation, execution, and maintenance plan for each business that contacts us for a bid. Mr. Duct regularly provides commercial HVAC system cleanings for Stores, Colleges, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Schools (K-12), and many other types of commercial installations. Combined with that experience, Mr. Duct is a member of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) with more Air Systems Cleaning Specialists (ASCS) on staff than any other air duct cleaning service provider in Chicagoland. Our technicians receive continuous training for updated commercial duct cleaning procedures, so you can rest easy knowing your business is in expert hands.

The Quotation Process

Determining your store or office's commercial air duct cleaning cost is simple and fast. We can provide a bid on commercial HVAC systems in two ways: through an on-site consultation or through the submittal of the site's Plat of Survey and/or building blueprints.

We will examine several factors that will include:

  • Hours of Operation
  • Furniture Placement
  • Type of Space
  • Workflow Needs
  • Safety Requirements
  • Governmental Licensing, Permits, Request for Proposals (RFPs), and Request for Qualifications (RFQs)

Once we have determined your space's special needs, our commercial duct cleaning team will develop a plan that will accommodate each point of interest. We provide a holistic quotation and a detailed checklist of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association Standard with each quote, which help you to review all the steps we will take in your service.

After we've addressed all concerns, our ASCS-Certified commercial property specialist will work with you to establish an affordable quote and a reasonable time to provide the service. Each commercial duct cleaning quote clearly details the estimated completion time, labor requirements, and price, so there will be no surprises on-site.

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