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How to Choose an HVAC Contractor

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Selecting a Qualified HVAC Contractor

Choosing a reliable HVAC contractor can prove to be an investment. A new furnace or central air conditioner is very important! Selecting a reputable HVAC company is a significant decision since proper installation and maintenance of your heating and cooling system is going to make your furnace and air conditioner dependable, extremely efficient, and operate safely.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

It is important for the HVAC company to provide proof of bonding and insurance, plus any required contractors licenses. Make sure to do research about the contractors: check different websites to see the reviews that were posted on different social media websites, Better Business Bureau, and contact the consumer affairs office for any complaint records. 

Reputable HVAC Company Criteria

There are specific criteria that can be looked at closely to determine whether or not the heating and cooling contractor is respectable. First, the contractor should not be giving a quote via the phone. They should immediately set up an appointment for an estimate to size the home. The contractor should measure each room to give you the best possible quote. A reputable company will have the education and materials needed to do the job correctly. Improper sizing can heavily influence the efficiency of the heating and cooling system. 

It is usually the less-experienced HVAC companies that discourage customers from selecting highly efficient equipment. This is usually the case when they do not keep their employees current with the latest technology. A higher qualified HVAC company will recommend highly efficient equipment.

Trustworthy HVAC contractors will use heat-load/or cooling-load calculations, they should give an estimate of the annual operating costs for the equipment they are recommending for your home. A good heating and cooling company will also give a written proposal including details of the furnace and air conditioner equipment installed, a price, and the labor costs. 

Lastly, how a HVAC company treats a customer reflects how they will act when a problem arises. They should be professional, direct, and polite.
For more tips on how to choose an HVAC Contractor, check out a list of tips from Energy Star.


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