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FreshDuct HVAC Odor Eliminator

Mr. Duct now offers a product called FreshDuct which is an odor eliminator for your duct work. 

FreshDuct is a specially formulated, non-toxic compound utilizing biodegradable ingredients which will help capture and control bad odors caused by smoking, pets, and cooking. It also helps alleviate that musty and/or spoiled odor many homes might develop over time.

This product is useful for both lined and unlined ductwork along with other hard surfaces. It will infiltrate and neutralize odors right at the source without the use of perfumes and oils that may contribute to air pollution within the home. FreshDuct encapsulates and breaks down odor molecules while releasing a fresh scent throughout.

Its advanced technology destroys odors instantly in what could be large problem areas for your home including but not limited to: crawl spaces, basements, attics, and anywhere else mold and mildew may build up.

Product Benefits & Specification:

  • Safe odor elimination in HVAC ducts
  • Perfect for remediation projects
  • Will not bleach or discolor materials or fabrics
  • Non-toxic
  • No need to evacuate premises during application
  • Promotes improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Biodegradable (Test Method 405.1)
  • Give us a call today for more information on this safe and effective solution to rid your home of any off-putting smells.


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