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Heating Service

In the Mr. Duct Heating & Cooling Service Division, we understand that finding a reputable HVAC professional is difficult. Our customers tell us that before using Mr. Duct, they experienced confusing quotations, shoddy work, and inconvenient appointment times when it came to their furnace and air conditioner needs. In a field where the customer's best interests are ignored in favor of cost-cutting and company convenience, Mr. Duct promises the same reputable service that we’ve been providing to air duct and dryer vent cleaning customers for years!

With years of experience in the field, we guarantee expert service, unbeatable pricing, and quick appointment arrivals. We are specialists in furnace cleaning, furnace installation / replacement and heating service / repair. Learn more about our new HVAC division here.

Heating 101

At Mr. Duct Heating & Cooling, we understand that the research surrounding the repair and replacement of your comfort heating and cooling system can be a little confusing. Below are some answers to the basic questions homeowners are asking!

What is an HVAC System? What Does It Do?

The heating and cooling system, sometimes referred to as the HVAC system is one of the most important parts of your home. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, the three main functions of a home comfort system. The system can control air temperature, humidity, and fresh air intake and maintain the quality of the air in your home.

What is a Central Heating & Cooling System?

A central heating and cooling system produces warm or cool air in one central area and distributes it throughout your home. There are many types of heating and cooling systems that work as central systems:

The first type is known as a traditional system and consists of an outdoor and indoor component. This usually refers to a heating and cooling system that has the furnace inside the home and the air condensing (A/C) unit on the outside.

The second type is known as a packaged product system, meaning that both the A/C and furnace unit have been unified into a single unit. Packaged units are usually found outside the home and are typically used in commercial/industrial complexes.

Most central heating and cooling systems are forced air systems, which means they send air through sheet metal ductwork for distribution. The ductwork can contain products that also filter and clean the air, thus improving indoor air quality.

Radiant systems, on the other hand, create heat from sources like boilers and deliver it through radiators throughout the home.

What are the typical parts of a Central Heating & Cooling System?

As mentioned earlier, your central HVAC system is composed of two major parts: your heating side and your cooling side. Each side can employ different parts that will require specialized attention in a unit clean, repair, or installation situation. Understanding how these parts contribute to regulation of temperature in your home is a very important step in ensuring year-round comfort:

In your heating system, you have can have gas/oil furnaces, heat pumps, fan coils, and/or boilers.

In your A/C system, you have can have air conditioners, heat pumps, evaporator coils, and/or fan coils.

Both systems air flow and heating capacity is determined by a programmable, non-programmable, and/or zoning thermostat.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Whether you’re concerned about major allergy concerns or just want a home with clean, safe air, Mr. Duct Heating & Air conditioning offers a wide range of air quality solutions you can count on. We stock superior Trane® humidifiers, UV lamps, media filters, and electronic air cleaners/ air purifiers during new installs. 

We also offer National Air Duct Cleaners (NADCA) certified air duct cleaning to clear the ventilation system of any unwanted dirt or debris.


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