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Annual Furnace Cleaning Service

Tech Cleaning Furnace Furnace cleaning is a service that should be performed annually, according to most furnace manufacturers.This is because annual furnace service helps to prevent breakdowns, increase efficiency, and extend your furnace unit’s life. In fact, some manufacturers even require annual furnace cleanings as upkeep on a furnace warranty! To prevent premature break-down of important furnace components and ensure a comfortable winter season, trust Chicagoland's #1 heating and cooling contractor: call Mr. Duct HVAC to clean and tune-up your furnace today!

Mr. Duct generally recommends that you perform a furnace cleaning in the fall. Though it seems a bit early for heating repair, it helps beat the winter rush that many HVAC contractors face and makes sure all components of your HVAC system are prepared.

To further assist in keeping your furnace functioning, furnace filters should be replaced monthly to operate at maximum efficiency. This will save you money in the short term on your energy bills, as well as save you in furnace repair and upkeep costs in the long term.

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Our Furnace Cleaning Checklist

The following steps outline the Mr. Duct Furnace Cleaning Process:

  • Ensure the unit is operating normally by cycling through a brief call for heat. If it is not, inform customer immediately and convert call to a repair with the customer's permission.
  • Remove and check furnace filter and return for debris and dirt
  • Inspect blower wheel and blower motor/fan belt. Clean and oil if necessary for additional charge.
  • Remove and clean flame sensor/check thermocouple
  • Remove and clean burners
  • Inspect heat exchanger if possible
  • Remove and clean pilot assembly on older units
  • Clean interior and exterior of cabinet of dirt and debris
  • Check all safety devices
  • Inspect all wiring and electrical connections
  • Check thermostat including heat anticipator settings on older units
  • Run unit for at least ten minutes, then check temperature rise against the nameplate rating
  • With furnace running, test for gas leaks
  • With furnace running, test for carbon monoxide at the closest register to unit
  • Inform customer of any issues found, then secure all panels

Download Our Furnace Tune-Up & Cleaning Checklist (PDF)

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