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Media Filters

Trane® Perfect Fit™ Media Filters

When you are researching different filters that are appropriate for your home, the first thing to take into consideration is your lifestyle. Trane® Media Filter allows our customers to save money due to its efficiency. Trane® Media filters are proven to be 15 times more effective than any disposable 1 inch filter. These filters are easily replicable and easy to clean. It also filters 100 percent of the air passing through it, and cleans the air without lowering airflow efficiency.

Trane® Perfect Fit air filters are designed to be as flexible as they are helpful. There are many different sizes that are available; they have easy filter access in every application. Most importantly, these filters are designed to work with an assortment of different heating and cooling system configurations! This filter will make your home a comfortable and a clean space to live in. Trane® Perfect Fit Media Filter guarantees the best air quality for homeowners.

Browse media filters below. Click to learn more about a particular unit!

Perfect Fit™ 1"

1" Pleated Filter
Up to 6x better than a standard disposable filter
Filters 100% of the air that is heated & cooled
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Perfect Fit™ 5"

5" Media Filter
Up to 15x more effective than standard filters
Filters 100% of the air that is heated & cooled
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