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Why Trane®?

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Mr. Duct is a Certified Chicagoland Trane Dealer
Trane® prides themselves on the reliability of their products.  Most manufacturers use the same parts available to everyone. However, Trane® uses their innovations to design, build, and rebuild some of their own parts. Trane® manufacturers perform difficult tests to insure each part's reliability. Trane® does whatever it takes to push their parts beyond industry standards to maintain their dependable attributes.

Trane® Testing

Trane's® meticulous testing on their products proves their consistency. Trane® rigorously tests its new products over a period of two weeks, subjecting them to the equivalent to the five years of wear and tear that these products would undergo in a normal household. They examine their products by putting them in below zero weather and in uncontrollable heat.  If the product doesn't make it through the examination period, then they don’t produce the merchandise.  They do this to ensure that the products will last for many years to come.

Backed by Experts

Industry experts have continuously rewarded Trane® with compliments due to the productivity of their products. Some awards they were presented with are The Year’s Most Transformative Products and 2013 Breakthrough Award. It has also been established that Trane® CleanEffect is the world's most effective whole-house filtration system.

As a Trane® dealer, count on us for all your heating and cooling and ventilation needs.  We provide energy efficient HVAC solutions that fit your home comfort needs.


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